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Co-Founder / CEO

Script Writing
Motion Design

Johannes is the co-founder of That Works Media. He started the company in 2019 with his long-time collaborator and friend Sid. The two met while Johannes was living in Chennai, India for a year. His background in history led him to pursue a career in film and storytelling, as he was always fascinated by the power of visual storytelling to educate and inform.

Johannes has a diverse set of skills that include script writing, directing, and motion design. He is known for his ability to create compelling stories and bring them to life through visually stunning motion design. He has a great sense of aesthetic and has a keen eye for detail. His keen understanding of storytelling, combined with his background in history, makes him an expert in guiding the creative direction of the company.

As a scriptwriter, Johannes has a great ability to craft compelling stories that engage audiences. His script writing skills, coupled with his ability to direct, allows him to bring the vision of the film to life. He is known for his ability to work in diverse cultures and environments, and his ability to foster a positive and creative environment for the team. 

Johannes and Sid’s company has produced various successful projects such as  commercials, music videos, and documentaries. He is always looking for new and exciting projects to be a part of. His background in history provides a unique perspective and brings a new level of depth to his work.

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