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Ankorstore 60 Youtube Ad Testimonial 07

Advertisement: Ankorstore

In short, the testimonial advertisement for Ankorstore is a powerful and effective representation of the brand's credibility and customer satisfaction. It showcases my abilities in creating a visually appealing and persuasive message, which encourages the audience to visit the Ankorstore website and experience the brand's products and services for themselves.
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Stay Inside: TheVibe

The latest edition of Drone's Eye, TheVibe, is proud to showcase the stunning music video for Sapta's track "Stay Inside" from the album Quarantime. This visually striking video perfectly captures the serene stillness of the world during lockdown, shot against the picturesque backdrop of Assam and Berlin.
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Showreel 2022 That Works Media

Showreel 2022

Introducing our 2022 video showreel, a showcase of our best work from the past year. Our team of filmmakers, editors, and visual effects artists have been hard at work creating visually stunning and emotionally engaging content for a diverse range of clients. Each project showcases our team's creativity, technical expertise, and storytelling abilities.
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thatworksmedia india Showreel_2021

Showreel 2021

Our 2021 video and animation production showreel showcases our diverse range of work in the field of visual storytelling.
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